Baseus® Bluetooth Receiver and Fm Transmitter

Making your car more techy and smarter ?? Then this smart Bluetooth transmitter by Baseus® is certainly the perfect gadget for you !!!
    • SUPERIOR - The Baseus® Transmitter is currently rated the best gadget for car Bluetooth transmission . Its Inbuilt smart chip , Bluetooth 5.0 and superior design truly makes it one of the best car transmitters in the industry
    • HD SOUND TRANSMISSION - The inbuilt advanced chips transmit music with high efficiency and increases the sound quality to a great extent
    • LED DISPLAY - Large Led Display with motion scanning technology so the night view is also more clearer
    • DUAL CHARGING - Dual USB Charging port so that you can charge two devices simultaneously
    • BLUETOOTH 5.0 -InBuilt Bluetooth 5.0 for smooth ultra fast wireless connection
    • TF CARD SLOT - There is no need to install any driver software , plug in and play audio files immediately
    • SUPPORTS AUX - Powerful anti-interference technology works with AUX audio frequency lines and connects directly to the car sound system, no need to adjust FM Frequency
    • VOLTAGE DETECTION -When the car is switched on , the battery voltage can be automatically detected to ensure safety
    • COOL DESIGN -The textured metallic gadget looks really cool in your car and makes it look more advanced

    Grey Technologies is the exclusive official seller of the Baseus® Transmitter so you can be absolutely sure about the authenticity of the products