B&N® Knitting Machine

Guys, we know this gadget is a bit different from our line of gadgets but every body seemed so excited about this knitting machine on Instagram , so we decided to launch this and we are sure you'll love it
    • EASIEST KNITTING EVER- This is literally the simplest and easiest knitting machine ever and even a kid can operate it
    • MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS- The machine can be used to create different types of scarfs , caps , mini sweaters and if you use different colors of wool , you can make amazing patterns
    • HIGH GRADE ABS- The machine is built form high grade ABS thus making it environment friendly and 100% safe and also increasing the durability
    • PORTABLE- One of the biggest advantage is that this is very portable, lightweight and can be easily carried around
    • EXPLORING CREATIVITY- The machine can be used to create beautiful designer scarfs and hats and is certainly a perfect gadget for the creative minds


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