Travelling in a car without a high quality air purifier ???  If yes , then you are seriously putting yourself and your kids in risk of various health hazards because of the formaldehyde 

Don't worry we got you covered . This smart air purifier with advanced car purification will make sure that your car trips are safe and fun !!!


    • Designed in California specially for advanced car purification
    • ROHS Certified and Verified
    • 96% Formaldehyde removal rate and 99% triple levelsterilisation
    • The specially composed cologne aroma is very refreshing and mild sweet which makes car travelling experience more fun
    • Due to the inbuilt dual cone purification - this air purifier is 4 times more effective than any other humidifier
    • Removes any types of odours , foul smell or germs in the car
    • Made of polished German aluminium with textured geometrics which provides ultra long durability and strength
    • Elegant Minimalistic DesigN