The Horror Headband ( Halloween Edition )

The Tool

Trust us , you can't get anything spookier or horrifying than this. We have literally gone out and tested this prank and you won't believe that 85% of people were fooled by this and around 60 % of them screamed freaking loud !!!  

    • 🩸ULTRA CRAZY- This is one of the scariest and most gruesome pranks ever made
    • 🩸BLOODY EFFECT- The hair bands are designed in such a way that it looks as if the blades and saws have gone through your head which looks really crazy and frightening
    • 🩸ENHANCED EFFECTS- The blood effect on the tools make it even more realistic
    • 🩸LIGHTWEIGHT AND SAFEThe band is very lightweight and made of high quality ABE thus you have no pressure on your head and you can easily prank around everybody. The band is 100% safe and thus also suitable for kids
    • 🩸ONE SIZE FITS ALL- The specially designed adjustable hair band is suitable for all types of head sizes and hair
    • 🩸EASY TO USE- The band is used just like normal headbands and thus can be worn or removed anytime and can go with all types of costumes


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